Global Impact

As we advance our mission to democratize financial services for a more equitable and inclusive global economy, we are committed to responsible innovation and management of our key environmental, social and governance (ESG) opportunities and risks.

Our 2020 Global Impact Report features ESG strategies, activities, progress, metrics and performance in calendar year 2020 across four priority areas: Social Innovation, Employees and Culture, Environmental Sustainability and Responsible Business Practices.

Our ESG Priorities

Through our ESG Materiality Assessment, we’ve identified 18 material ESG topics to our business and stakeholders, including eight priority areas. Click here to see more information on our materiality and prioritization assessment, including our alignment to the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.

We value ongoing feedback from our stakeholders as we continue to enhance our ESG strategy to drive long-term business performance and societal impact. Please contact us at for any additional information on our ESG strategy and programs.

Social Innovation

Our Social Innovation strategy guides our global mission by empowering individuals and small businesses to achieve economic prosperity, promoting widespread financial health and facilitating the growth of charitable giving. In 2020, we:


in access to capital

Provided more than $4.6B in access to capital to small and medium-businesses (SMBs), including more than $2B in Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans through the U.S. Small Business Administration.


to help address income inequality

Deployed over $300M of our $535M commitment to help address economic inequality and bolster internal programs to drive transformative social change.


to nonprofits and causes

The PayPal community donated nearly $17B to nonprofits and causes, including over $2M raised for 40K campaigns through the Generosity Network, our new crowdfunding platform.

photo Employees Culture

Employees and Culture

PayPal fosters a strong employee-centered culture that is reinforced by its core values of Collaboration, Inclusion, Innovation and Wellness. In 2020, we:


PayPal-defined estimated NDI

Reached at least 18% PayPal-estimated net disposable income for our U.S. employees, making significant progress towards our goal of 20% globally as part of our Employee Financial Wellness initiative.


diverse workforce representation

Maintained majority diverse workforce representation, including 43% women globally and 52% U.S. ethnic diversity.


hours to support charities

Employees volunteered a total of 51.2K hours to support charities around the world.

Environmental Sustainability

PayPal is focused on responsibly managing and reducing its environmental impact. In 2020, we:


net-zero emissions target

Set a commitment to reach net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across our operations and value chain by 2040.


renewable energy across our data centers

Matched 98% of the energy from our data center operations with renewable generation, well on track to achieve our goal of reaching 100% by 2023.


high-impact climate projects

Invested in four high-impact projects that are creating climate transition opportunities in financially underserved communities around the world.

Green Team
Responsible Business Practice

Responsible Business Practices

PayPal's approach to operating its business is one that is ethical and responsible. In 2020, we:


Privacy Awareness Week

Hosted PayPal’s first Privacy Awareness Week across 11 global sites to continue building our privacy-first culture, and refined PayPal’s Data Management Principles.


transaction loss rate

Improved our transaction loss rates to 0.12% through programmatic initiatives such as the creation of the Fraud Detection Command Center.


diversity across Board of Directors

Achieved diversity across Board of Directors with 45% being women or from diverse ethnic groups.

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