We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and strive for full compliance with applicable laws and regulations, partnering with law enforcement and the nonprofit sector to contribute toward a safer world.

Business Ethics

Much like the culture of trust that we work to cultivate among our customers, we similarly uphold a culture of trust internally. Our employees maintain a 100% completion rate of our Annual Compliance and Ethics Training, which covers subjects like our Code of Business Conduct & Ethics, data protection, anti-money laundering and sexual harassment prevention. Employees have multiple anonymous and confidential avenues to share concerns or ask questions, including our 24/7 global Integrity Helpline.

Through our Public Policy website, we extend this policy of transparency externally. We provide disclosures on our lobbying and political activity, such as trade association memberships and lobbying efforts on behalf of issues like cybersecurity, cross-border trade and small business lending.

business ethics

Trust & Privacy

As a global payments company, one of our greatest responsibilities is to ensure the appropriate use and protection of our customers’ personal data and financial information. As customer champions, we understand that trust is the foundation of our business and we value our customers’ confidence in our ability to keep their data secure.

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Risk & Compliance

We know how essential it is to create a safe platform for our global community, and actively monitor and manage risks to safeguard our customers. Operationally, we follow the Three Lines of Defense model, with our senior leadership team and board working in tandem with our Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee (ARC) to manage risk. We continuously invest in transformative programs to combat money laundering, terrorism financing, human trafficking and related financial crimes around the world in partnership with law enforcement and the intelligence community. In 2019, we partnered with Polaris, a leader in combating human trafficking, to establish a Financial Intelligence Unit to interrupt human trafficker cash flows and enable prosecutions related to financial crimes, including money laundering. In addition, we’re working with Northeastern University and University of Chicago to fund research to improve both industry and government understanding of the payment methods used for illegal firearm trafficking and financing.

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Supply Chain Standards

We’re committed to conducting our business with the highest ethical standards and expect nothing less from our partners around the world. As we continue to expand our geographic footprint and product offerings, our Third-Party Code of Business Conduct and Ethics ensures that all partners reflect our values and operate responsibly. This code clarifies not only our expectations related to environmental responsibility, labor and human rights — the same standards to which we hold ourselves accountable.

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